June 17, 2021

What is the indoor generation and how to avoid it?

The indoor generation is a term used to describe people who spend most of their days indoors. This is largely due to the advancements in technology as phone and computer screens now provide companionship instead of fellow humans. Almost everything in the world today is convenient and tech-connected; however, the quality of health and happiness continues to dwindle. Studies have shown that staying indoors has a mostly negative effect on the quality of life. This is why some people feel sluggish, depressed, and always sick. As such, health organizations and concerned stakeholders invest in campaigns that sensitize people on the effects of staying indoors all day.

advancements in technology

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Find outdoor hobbies

Not all hobbies are done indoors. For instance, you cannot stargaze in your home. You will have to step outside in the cool of the night to see the stars in the sky. Finding a hobby that brings you outdoors is a means of perpetually getting yourself outside. There are lots of outdoor activities you can do, such as snorkeling, hiking, mountain climbing, zip-lining, etc. If you need support, you can form a group of people who are itching to get outside as well and go on these adventures together.

Let natural light in

Most people who stay indoors don’t give much importance to seeing and feeling natural light and ventilation. A recent study shows that natural light has a significant impact on productivity, and naturally-lighted places help to boost energy and mood. It also helps you sleep better and maintain a healthy biological rhythm. Even if you are indoors, open the doors and windows to allow light and ventilation in. This will help you feel connected to nature and eventually spur you to go out and have a feel of the warm and lovely atmosphere.

Attend social gatherings and events

Due to technological advancements, people don’t have to physically be in a meeting before they can attend the meeting. Most meetings and events are now held virtually, with participants tuning in from different parts of the world. The pandemic has also accelerated virtual meetings and events; nevertheless, more parts of the world are opening up to physical gatherings under strict regulations. You can take advantage of this to get outside, relate and connect with other people and introduce fresh air into your routine.

Enjoy time with your family and friends

Another way to get outdoors is to deliberately go out with your family and friends. You can take your family out to see beautiful sights. Not only do you get to go outdoors, but you also enjoy bonding with your family as well as boost your mental health. Besides, you can go on outdoor events like exercises, adventures, spa outings, etc. with your friends. However, you have to be deliberate about going out if you desire to step outdoors. You don’t have to be outdoors all the time either, you can strike a balance to live a healthy life.